We initiated new procedures and eliminated most of the burden brokers and agents generally face, thereby creating a successful real estate business concept like no other. In addition, we offer a solution to the extremely high overhead and difficult upfront costs historically associated with opening your own firm. These are just a few of the benefits. Joining us gives you advantages and opportunities without high costs. Chapman Hall, REALTORS® supports each office every step of the way. You benefit from the years of knowledge and experience held by our helpful staff members. We’ll also share our company’s clearly stated values, philosophies, standards, and procedures. We help you with everything from site selection, recruiting techniques, setting up a functioning office, and keeping your monthly overhead as low as possible. We’re always just a telephone call, text message, or e-mail away when you need us.

Comprehensive Training Utilizing innovative methods, Chapman Hall, REALTORS® provides you thorough training, either at our company headquarters, at your facility, or online resources covering every detail of establishing and operating your office.

Low Initial Fees Most people don’t follow through on the dream of owning their own business because of high costs. We make it more affordable than ever to own your own Chapman Hall, REALTORS® business and be your own boss.

Exclusive Territories You will initially receive an exclusive, limited area of protection territory for your new approved office location. Most significant market areas will be serviced by a single office; however, some of the larger high density market areas may be handled by multiple offices. See us for details.

Agent Recruitment Recruiting motivated agents is the key to our success. We’ll gladly share our secrets and share the story behind our success and tremendous growth.

Chapman Hall, REALTORS® is a trusted advisor, integral to the success of all our affiliates’ business efforts. We provide you a cohesive team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to your success, service, and performance. And with the combination of a national perspective and the local market presence and knowledge that are critical to success in all real estate endeavors, we are able to make judgments and provide advice about any need that may arise.